Freelance Chef


My name is Sunny D’silva and i have been a chef for 10 yrs most of my experience is working on a senior level for a Michelin starred restaurant for a world famous chef.I am mentally and physically trained to work under pressure and long hours.

For the whole month of december i will be freelancing either covering shortage of staff in a restaurant or a catering event.

Mostly i will be cooking fine dining tasting menus with matching wines at people’s houses. All the cutlery and crockery including the waiter and the sommelier will be provided by me. The quality of food and wine will be no less than what one will experience in a Michelin star restaurant.

If you need any more details regarding the prices and my availability please contact me on

Phone – 07824393727 (text only please)


Sunny D’silva

( All the dishes in the pictures above have been prepared my me)

Location: Stockwell, London

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