We have a range of projects available, such as: FILM/TV, FASHION SHOWS, CATALOGUES, MAGAZINES, COMMERCIALS, MUSIC VIDEOS, PLUS SIZE MODELS AND MUCH MORE. You do not need to have experience but you have to be a confident person. A Fashion Model is required to have strong work ethic and positive attitude. You will be trained by our team in how to pose, to change different emotions and work on a runway or in front of the Camera. Successful candidates will be offered a free Test- Photo Shoot. Please e-mail us one picture of yourself (don’t have to be professional) and we will get back to you as soon as possible, if you are successful. NO HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS NO AE RESTRICTIONS When applying you must provide a Mobile Phone number. If you are having difficulties with sending your pictures via Gum tree, simply insert your photos in any text file attachment (use Microsoft Word as example). Please note constancy of work cannot be promised.

Other jobs:

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