Jobs in London : Victoria Tube Station, London

The company on Employment Mts Uk Ltd,35-37,Grosvenor Gardens, London,sw1w0bs.Victoria Tube Station. We work with 10 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. 07715591261 – only for SMS confirm Appointment. Workers are required in London and in other the cities on: Factory, warehouse, shops, 6-8ph Building – all vacancies is, 7-16ph Cleaning hotels, at home, offices, 6-9 ph Restaurant, cafe,clubs – all vacancies, 6-16ph Office work reception, accountant, office manager, 8-18ph The drivers – B, C, E, salary 8-16ph Car wash – from 40 per day Courses Security and Employment, 7-18ph We provide all specialities courses and job placement guarantee. For more information about vacancies we provid at office. If you want to get a job through our company, you need to confirm with us on an email or SMS day and time of your arrival to us in office with documents. You need confirm correct day and time when you can come at our office between Monday to Friday at 11 am, 11.30 am,12 am,12.30 am,2,15 pm,2.30 pm,3 pm,3.30 pm,4 pm.

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